Map Ranking

The Hive

Tribe name:The Hive
Number of members:3
Points of the best 15 players365.460
Total points:365.460
Average points:121.820
Preferred languages:
Opponents defeated: 566.271.151 (10.)
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Tribe members

Name Rank Points Global Rank Villages
Dhraga 1 337,768 123 33
xixjapanxix 2 23,703 259 2
Chakra Mayjic 3 3,989 426 1
Welcome To The Hive Mind, all experience data has been uploaded. white_check_mark
A link has been enabled between your pre-frontal cortex and the Hive.

For questions regarding initiation please contact your local Hive Initiator for your uplink cable. FinalBleachTitan

If you are thinking of discussions with our client base regarding Diplomacy please contact DarKness Frieza.

If you are experiencing technical di di difficulties. Please. $% Please do not begin t to panic.
Remember to always never remove your link cable to the Hive.x